professional coaching for church leaders and congregations

Taking the time to understand my Strengths with Heidi has greatly impacted my work-life and relationships. It’s emboldened me to speak up, because I now recognize how my Strengths prepare me to view problems differently than the rest of my team.
— Lisa Frosch, FiveStone Community Church
I was encouraged by the comparison of my Strengths and Spiritual Gifts to step out in faith and share my heart with others about God’s provision in difficult times. So thankful to have learned how to operate in my Strengths to bless others!
— Caroline Walker


Strengths and faith go hand in hand. We often see a connection between our Strengths and the workplace, but what about our place of worship? Are we able to use our Strengths to continually develop our relationship with God and encourage the growth of our church?  Absolutely, and it all begins with diving into the Word and igniting those Strengths we were divinely given.


Church Leadership Strengths Workshop

  • Church leaders (both pastoral staffs and lay leaders) have a calling to help their congregations grow in God. Identifying the unique Strengths that God gave you are vital in understanding your personal approach to that charge. We offer 4-hour and Full Day workshops unique to church leadership, using what God teaches us about Spiritual Gifts and connecting those with our natural Strengths. Your team will leave this session with a stronger understanding of how your specific team functions together and approaches the growth and development of your church body.

Church Congregation Strengths Workshop

  • All too often, members want to volunteer their time or services to the church, but they just don't know where to begin or how to choose an area of involvement. Strengths development can actually help that process greatly! When a member is able to understand the unique Strengths that God gave him or her, purposeful involvement follows. We offer 4-hour and Full Day workshops for congregations to learn about their God-given talents, connect them with the Word, and learn to apply their Strengths to involvement opportunities that already exist in your church. Serving God and the church intentionally.