Heidi Convery

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Prior to my profession as a personal and professional development coach, I served as a university administrator for 11 years.  It was exhausting and wonderful. Wonderfully exhausting. Working in such diverse environments taught me the necessity of seeking to understand those around me, which resulted in unplanned (but needed) introspective development.  Enter stage right: my fascination for personal Strengths. Our Strengths majorly contribute to our individuality...scratch that. They don't contribute, they ARE the composition of our individuality! I find so much energy from helping others discover great skills they didn't even know made them unique, or helping teams gel (really gel) for the first time. If nothing else, I will bring a slightly annoying, but endearing, level of energy to your day.

I am based out of Dallas, Texas, but work with individuals and corporate teams all over the country.  If you are inquiring from a city with particularly good food, you'll have my primary attention. 

Education and Certification: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em!), and a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University (Go Panthers!). I am also, and important for your inquiry, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, earning my certification from the Gallup, Inc. headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska (Go...Gallup?!).