personal Coaching for Individuals


I specialize in working with individuals who are approaching, or are in the midst of, a transitional phase. Whether you are facing a career transition, a student preparing for university life, planning for your new retirement lifestyle, wanting to learn more about how you process the world around you, or are simply feeling "stuck," I have a multitude of tailored resources to help you conquer your obstacle and better prepare for the next.


Single Session Coaching Experience

  • Not every person seeking the assistance of a personal or professional development coach needs a long-term commitment. Sometimes a single session can get you on the right track. The Single Session Coaching Experience is for individuals who are looking for big growth in a short time frame. We will tackle your biggest obstacle by reviewing your natural Strengths and specifically applying them to your hurdle, giving you the most productive path to blast past it.

Multiple Session Coaching Experience

  • While the Single Session Coaching Experience can be convenient in length, it is not always the best option for everyone. Many people prefer to meet multiple times with a coach to build a stronger rapport and address their stuck-ness with more depth than can be achieved in a single meeting. If this approach resonates with you, the Multiple Session Coaching Experience might be your preferred option. With 3-Month and 6-Month commitment options, we can tailor a coaching relationship perfect for your schedule and goals.