A Coach for the End of Your Nose

Think about the end of your nose for a moment. Do you do that often, think about the end of your nose? Most likely not. We think about our hands, our arms, our legs - partly because we use them continuously, but also because we see them a great deal. But we don't see the end of our nose very often unless looking in a mirror. It's so close to us, that we can't see it... And now I will make the very odd, but very correct, correlation between the end of your nose, and your Strengths. Keep reading. This will begin to make sense.

When I first begin working with a client, I have them take the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment. We use their Top 5 Strengths results in EVERYTHING: self-discovery, goal planning, action items, relationship building, professional advancement, etc. More often than not, people agree with at least two of their Strengths, but are confused or unsure of the remaining results. I also suggest to my clients that they share their Top 5 results with their closest family members and friends and ask for feedback.  The reactions are ALWAYS the same: "My family laughed and said that this was me to a T!" "My friends didn't understand how I don't see these in myself." That's because...you guessed it...our Strengths are often too close for us to see them!  {Strengths=End of Nose} {Connection made.}

Working with a Coach for even a short period of time can have truly remarkable long term results. I, clearly, recommend a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach because I've seen such positive and foundation-building effects come from using the StrengthsFinder assessment. But the most influential role of your Coach is to help you see, understand, and purposefully use your unique Strengths for greater success personally and professionally. Before you begin searching for a Coach, start thinking about the personal/professional development you want to receive:

  • What are my Strengths?
  • How have I seen my Strengths play a role in the past regarding my career, relationship building, and decision making?
  • How do I learn to engage my unique talents to become more proactive and purposeful in my present and future decision making?

Remember, your Strengths - the way you process the world around you - are so close to you that you might not even realize they are unique. Find a great coach to help you see them, and ignite them. 

Heidi (End-of-Nose-Coach-Extraordinaire)