Heidi Convery

flourish llc founder and development coach


heidi's top 10 strengths

activator   learner   input    belief   includer   maximizer

positivity   achiever   woo   significance

Prior to my career as a personal and professional development coach, I served as a university administrator for 11 years.  Working in such a diverse environment taught me the necessity of seeking to understand those around me, which resulted in unplanned (but needed) introspective development.  Our Strengths are the composition of our individuality. I find so much energy from helping others discover great skills they didn't even know made them unique, or helping teams gel (really gel) for the first time.  My one-on-one coaching style is relaxed and completely focused on you. I want to learn all about you and how I can help. For team workshops, you can expect an upbeat momentum, a generous dose of humor (self-deprecating and otherwise) and lots of participant engagement! If nothing else, I will bring a slightly annoying, but endearing, level of energy to your day. Let's work together!

I am based out of Dallas, Texas, but work with individuals and corporate teams all over the country. 

Education and Certification

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from Texas Tech University (Wreck 'Em!), and a Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration from Florida International University (Go Panthers!). I am also, and important for your inquiry, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, earning my certification from the Gallup, Inc. headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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