professional coaching for managers and teams

Heidi has an excellent understanding of human resources and is able to clearly articulate to each employee the importance of their position to the team. She helps people understand how they can contribute to making themselves and the team better on a daily basis.
— Lisa Saur, D.R. Saur Financial

team development

Crafting a Strengths development plan for your team is a personal process. Each organization is different - unique needs, unique personalities, unique schedules. We have a variety of options when it comes to tailoring a Strengths experience for your people. Start with a Team Workshop, add in Individual Coaching Days for your team members, and maybe sprinkle in Small Team Insight Sessions...the greatest employee development initiative you've ever designed for your organization is about to begin.


Team Workshops

  • 2-Hour, 4-Hour, & Full Day  - While the greatest team development comes from a full day workshop, we know that your schedule might not always allow for that amount of time away from the office. A condensed 4-Hour option, and the hyper condensed 2-Hour workshop, will still provide a great Strengths introduction to your team. With every workshop, we cover a broad introduction to the importance of understanding your Strengths and those of your colleagues, how to begin engaging your Strengths in the workplace, and how to approach your job through a new, invigorating lens. Our workshops are interactive, energetic, engaging, and not annoying in any way.

Individual Coaching Days

  • Once your organization has experienced a Team Workshop, we highly recommend supplementing that experience with individual coaching sessions for your team members. Do you have a small, private spot in the office? If so, invite Heidi to spend the day in that space and allow your employees to schedule individual 45-minute coaching sessions. With the opportunity for 7 individual appointments in a work day, you can provide a large number of your team members the opportunity for targeted, personal Strengths development. This is a HUGE favorite among our clients - we find businesses tend to continue to add on Individual Coaching Days after their first experience. 

Small Team Insight Sessions

  • Do you have small teams within your organizational structure? A sales team, or a support team perhaps? It's vital that your smaller teams function as one, understanding in depth the Strengths of their colleagues and what each person brings to the table. A Small Team Insight Session is a 90-minute session for smaller teams that allows for focused team development. How do your Strengths communicate and work together? How might they cause roadblocks for the team? We will provide you with team analytics that will help team members continue to develop well past the session. Intended for small groups within a larger organization, including Managerial teams.